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Technologies & Software Solutions

ERP Solutions

We have years of experience in implementing Odoo (formerly called Open ERP), an all-in-one management (ERP) software, that can be a wise choice for small to mid-size businesses. Odoo has both a paid and free (community) version. Depending on the needs of your business and budget, we can recommend which version of this ERP is a better fit for your business model. There's usually minimal cost associated with setting up the community version. As soon as you're set up, there is a wide range of free apps you can take advantage of to streamline the day to day operations of your business right away.  

Mobile App Development

For a business owner, it's a fair question to ask: Do I really need a mobile app for my business or not? We think it all depends on the value a business can provide to their customers via their mobile app. This value and how it will be delivered to the customers is also the key to the success of the app and therefore the business. Mobile apps are great at creating "returning" customers. This is especially true when you provide some features in your app that solves a client's problem or time. 

We have expertise in developing both Android and iOS apps for small businesses. We can help you increase customer retention in your business by implementing critical features for your app.

Website Design & Enhancement

We have helped many businesses design user friendly websites that allow clients find the desired information in a reasonable time. For many businesses, other than providing useful information, the ultimate goal is for the client to make a desired action such as booking an appointment or making a purchase (conversion). This can be achieved by using tools such as Google Analytics to understand the user behaviour and make necessary changes to your website to increase the user engagement and conversion

SMS, Email and Voice Marketing

We have customized ERP modules to send automated marketing emails based on predefined templates to a list of potential customers. We use Twilio for sending marketing SMS or voice calls from within the ERP eco system.

Online Booking Solutions

We have expertise in integrating a wide range of online booking solutions such as Wix Bookings, Timely, Setmore and Google Calendars (Google G Suite), into existing websites or ERP. Other than customized modules in Odoo, we also use services such as Zapier or salesforce to integrate such solutions into your existing business flow. 

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