Why Choose TekBridge Consulting?

Online Marketing

Twenty years ago businesses used to depend on their local customer base for survival. With increasing popularity of internet and digital marketing, local businesses can no longer depend only on their local community to thrive. With online marketing services such as facebook and Google ads gaining more popularity, local businesses are challenged by the growing competition from businesses in other areas who expand their audience in a more efficient way.

Why local businesses fail

Not researching the market before launch

In order for a business to succeed, it has to offer a product where there's a demand. That's the most basic reason why many businesses fail before they begin as they fail to design and offer a product or service to meet certain needs as opposed to forcing a product or service into a market.

Unrealistic or Inaccurate Business Plan

In the business plan, the owner should clearly outline realistic and reasonable goals and possible ways to achieve them in a predefined timeline.  Many businesses do not stick to their original plan and change it based on biased observations along the way. That usually increases spending and results in making emotional decisions which can further drive the business into failure. 

Poor or non Existing Online Presence & Marketing Strategy

As much as your physical location matters to generate in-person traffic from your client base, it is critical to have active online presence on Google, Facebook and other social platforms to drive internet traffic. Studies show that between 70-80% of people research a company online BEFORE visiting the small business or making a purchase with them.​

Our Expertise

With industry tested solutions in software design, business management, finance and online marketing, we have the correct combination of expertise to help new or established businesses achieve strong online presence, build efficient marketing campaigns, and create a cost effective business management process.


There are many solutions out there for businesses for choose from to manage their day to day operations or marketing needs. We have the expertise to help you choose the correct combination of tools and customize them in a way that best fits your business needs.

Our Experience

Our clients use our customized invoicing and sales solution to keep track of their revenue & expense and generate daily, monthly and yearly sales reports to gain better insight into their business performance. 

We have built Android & iOS apps that are feature rich. We have integrated our own invoicing solution into a custom built mobile app to streamline the invoicing process.

We have helped many businesses in Vaughan and Greater Toronto Area improve their (SEO) ranking on Google and Bing and run successful marketing campaigns to generate substantial leads for their business.

We have designed websites and integrated various online booking and reminder systems into existing or new systems.