IT Consulting in Vaughan & Toronto

  • Efficiently manage your business operations 

  • Promote your products and services with advanced marketing strategies

  • Create your custom mobile app in iOS or Android to build stronger relationship with clients

Our Services

Mobile App Development in Vaughan & Toronto

The world wide web has gone mobile and there's no turning back. In 2017, mobiles account for more than 60% of the total internet traffic and this will continue to rise. It's critical for businesses to not only design mobile friendly websites, but also directly reach out to their customers via their business mobile app. 

Online Marketing Consulting in Vaughan & Toronto

Sometimes it takes a while for a business to advance in the search engines ranking. We help you run proper marketing campaigns through email, SMS and Voice to increase your leads until you reach a point where more organic traffic comes to you.

Cloud Services Integrations

Many businesses require information from their clients before providing a service. They may also need to send their clients follow-up information about the provided service (such as visit notes). This manual paperwork can all be done electronically and there are many good reasons to do so...

Online Presence Consulting in Vaughan & Toronto

We understand SEO and search engine rankings. We can help you choose the right tools to improve your rankings and provide guidelines to gain better results.

Website Redesign & Online Booking Solutions in Vaughan & Toronto

We have expertise in a wide range of web design tools and online booking solutions and will help you utilize the one that best suits your business needs. The key in designing or enhancing a website is to analyze the visitor's behaviour by using analytical tools and perform various experiments to fine tune the design. 

Integrate Multiple Systems

Most small businesses may be already using different solutions to manage different areas of their business. For example, you may be using Quickbooks to do your accounting and payroll and another system to do your bookings. But these systems may be completely segregated and do not talk to each other at all. Does this sound familiar to you? 

Ready for a Free Consultation?

At Tekbridge Consulting, we strive for and thrive on our client's satisfaction. Many businesses have used our integrated services (booking, billing, reminder, sales & accounting modules) to reduce their administrative costs. We helped  small businesses retain more clients by directly promoting their new services or products through our custom-built mobile apps.