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It's not uncommon for small businesses to require initial registration or intake form from their clients prior to providing a service.

Many businesses out there still ask their clients to do this paperwork by hand before their initial appointment while in the office.  

Going electronic with all your paperwork not only will save you and your clients time, it will also help your administrative team access this information faster and easier at a later time.

Keeping historical data about the services you provide to your clients such as visit notes or treatment suggestions is an essential part of a successful business. Achieving this is easy if you have the right tools at your disposal.

Analyzing your historical data by running monthly reports can reveal very useful information about your client base and how you can provide a better service for them. Better service only means returning clients. 

We have extensive experience in digitizing paperwork in different areas of a small business and integrate with existing systems you may be already using or planning to use in the future such as Quickbooks, Jane, Elavon, Stripe and DocuSign.  

Document Digitization

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