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  • Are you using Quickbooks or another accounting software to keep track of your expenses?

  • Are you using Jane or Calendly or another online booking software to do your Bookings?

  • Are you using Freshbooks to keep track of your payrolls?

  • Are you using Point, Moneris or another online payment solution to receive payments from your clients?

Many businesses use different solutions to manage different aspects of their business. There's usually no bridge for these different systems to talk to each other. This results in a lot of manual work to import and export data between these systems. For example if a business wants to connect their booking system to their payment processing system, how should they go about integrating them?

This is where TekBridge consulting services come into picture. You can deploy our pre-made integrations to integrate many of these solutions together and reduce your operations cost. To name a few:

  • You can receive reminders about the bookings who have not balanced their account yet. 

  • You can import your payment processing data into your accounting software to reduce your accounting cost. 

Integrate Your Systems 

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