Keeping track of your sales and expenses is an important aspect of managing a business. Having such insights about your business budget can help identifying the inefficient areas of your operation so that you can use your budget more wisely. 

Billing clients by sending electronic invoices right after appointments and giving clients 24/7 access to their invoices are some of the responsibilities that can delegated to an automated system such as an ERP so that your office manager can focus on other aspects of their job. 

Registering the payment and giving your clients receipts can also be handled easily by an automated system. With our solution, clients can have online access to their receipts so that they don't have to contact your office managers for such operation related inquiries. 

Doing the business tax at the end of the financial year shouldn't be hard and costly. If your automated system does most of the book keeping for you, all you need to do is to pass your reports to your accountant so that he can file your taxes with minimal overhead. 

ERP, Billing & Invoicing Solutions